All pets safe, well and happy. No Comms other than news blog

Hi everyone, ALL of your pets are safe and well. They are enjoying the extra attention. Little buggers 🙂

Situation – Our kennels, cattery (block construction) and house are intact, your pets are secure. That is 100% not negotiable. Our communications are on an SOS to 1 bar status at best – frustrating for all. We suspect comm. tower damage and queuing for service causing constant drop out etc.

Restoration – Admittedly we have some gardening to do and some fences to repair. 🙂 All things considered we expect to be back in full operation in a matter of days. I repeat a matter of days. We will keep you posted In the meantime. We certainly do thank you for your patience and understanding.

Risk Assessment. A risk assessment is yet to be done in terms of tree removal etc, restoration of power lines which are down, which directly affects all customer movement and property access. Consequently the following applies in the interest of everyone’s safety including your pets.

1.Trading: CLOSED until further advice, this includes all pickups and dropoffs.

2.Future & current bookings: We are assessing this on a day by day basis, and when able will attempt to contact you individually. As yet we have not yet contacted SES or Ergon for assistance.

3.Updates – we will endeavour to update our status every 24hrs. We will advise by this news blog in the first instance of changes to our trading status. As phone services are restored we will endeavour to contact you all.

Once again thank you for your co-operation and patience.

Kind regards
John & Linda Mulholland

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