Whitsunday Resort encourages and supports responsible pet care ownership. As most of us do ?
At Whitsunday Pet Resort all CATS MUST be desexed. ALL VIP dogs (male & female) over the age of 12 months MUST also be desexed. Dogs (Male & Female) NOT desexed, UP TO THE AGE OF 12 months are BOTH currently subject to a daily surcharge of $10 per day.

  • This daily surcharge is DISCOUNTED by 50% to $5 per day; IF your male or female VIP under 12 months of age, is on a PLATINUM, CONFIDENCE OR PUPPY ENRICHMENT PACKAGE. There are many PACKAGE BENEFITS, for e.g. on the puppy enrichment package, not the least is a 2nd daily Royal Canin ® Super Premium PUPPY food meal, which is carefully formulated and needed by the growing pup.?
  • A daily surcharge DISCOUNT of 100% applies (i.e. no charge) when opting for our exclusive Platinum Plus package.
    There is no one generic answer or timing of the desexing date for your VIP that fits all. It is recommended that you have a discussion with your vet about the various positives and negatives of early age, standard or late desexing and your pets individual needs that may certainly consider for e.g. breed, age, size, genetics etc. etc. as you rightly prioritise your pets needs, then plan your next booking with WPR. ?

Lastly please be aware that during peak periods, the number of un-desexed dogs (M&F) that we accommodate is limited.

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