To all our valued customers, a genuine thank you for your patience as we respond to a ‘few’ additional inquiries ๐Ÿ™‚ We are also responding to Government announcements that are changing daily and causing the odd ripple. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have put together a one time offer for current confirmed bookings that have already commenced; between Monday 16th March 2020 just gone; and up to and including Thursday 30th April 2020. This naturally includes the Easter School holiday period. Please read on.

In the interim I ask you to refer to agreed to * booking conditions that are still applicable, and our new cold, flu, covid-19 visitor entry requirements*. Click here:- * Bookings to see those conditions and new visitor requirements. Our visitor entry requirements, that were added to our bookings page very recently, are already subject to change, and to reflect the new mandatory self isolation requirements for incoming travellers to Australia from 16/3/20, and as they may be relevant to future visitors. This update will occur in the next 24 hours or so.

Our booking practice & cancellation policy is necessary for small business accommodation operations. For some, our cancellation policy (see booking conditions) means you will be subject to a cancellation fee and administration costs that comprises the entire booking fee, if you cancel 30 days or less of your planned arrival. You are not eligible for a booking fee refund. We have never asked for a reason for a cancellation. Our cancellation policy meets recognised consumer guarantees, even considering the extraordinary apparent ‘act of god’ that we are now all being subject to. Our policy meets consumer guarantees as: a) first and foremost, we are still operating, b) even if the ‘act of god clause’; that technically & typically works in the suppliers favour; was considered. Further IF we were forced to shut by the government or otherwise; we would also still technically meet the consumer guarantees, as it is this type of potential AoG ‘out’ that many organisations may additionally fall back on. Further we do not suggest or provide any type of defacto built in travel insurance with our daily accommodation rates. Obviously that is the customer’s responsibility entirely. On the topic of potential insurance travel claims. We are certainly happy to provide tax invoices to support any such claims. Considering travel insurance in the future, I refer you to this article – Also please refer to our FAQ’s for further info. on the topic. Interesting.

HOWEVER, despite the fact that we are not a potential beneficiary of for e.g., the AirBNB CEO who maybe covering airbnb host losses, we would like to make a ONE TIME OFFER to our wonderful and loyal customers, because you are important to us. This offer is conditionally made and only to customers with current bookings that have been confirmed by us for accommodation periods booked between Monday 16/3/20 just gone, until the end of this month and including all of the next month of April 2020. Any days booked prior to 16/3/2020 or after 30/4/2020 do not qualify for this offer. There will be no further offers. Important dates apply to this offer. If this conditional offer is not accepted then our cancellation policy naturally still applies.

If you are not cancelling, great. We look forward to seeing you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have paid in full and and are cancelling we can hold the balance in credit, you are subject to a cancellation fee and administration costs that comprise the entire booking fee.

If you are are cancelling and taking up the one time offer, please read on.

THE OFFER, finally. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. So over and above the principals of consumer guarantee, then we would like to offer you the opportunity to have a little extra time to reassess your plans, and:-
    transfer up to a maximum of 50% of the value of what would be a cancelled booking fee (you need to cancel in writing first ๐Ÿ™‚ towards a new booking fee, for bookings of the same length. In a nutshell if your cancelled booking fee was say $50, we will give you $25 max. to the value of a NEW BOOKING THAT COMMENCES NO LATER THAN Tuesday 30/06/2020. Shorter (contracted) bookings less than the original booking, then the new period booked MUST be at least 70% of the original booking period and shorter bookings will have the affect of proportionately reducing the amount of cancelled booking fee available to be transferred to the new booking. In summary, the shorter booking will only have a maximum of 50% of its booking fee subsidised. Longer bookings, than the original booking, will naturally accrue additional booking fees due, and at the normal daily rate of 40% of the applicable daily accommodation rate. The new booking is subject to standard booking conditions of the day, including cancellation policy. If you understand the gist of the above, you may not need to read the below examples.
  2. This OFFER is in effect a part transfer of the booking fee that is outside agreed to booking conditions, where applicable equivalent cancellation fees, if applicable, are neither refundable or transferable.
  3. On top of this we are ALSO WAVING any cancellation associated administration and /or change fees that would normally be associated with the 31-90 day and 91 days or more cancellationsโ€ฆ
  4. However, any accommodation or packaging pricing differences e.g. off peak versus peak period accommodation prices, as they may occur WILL naturally apply and be charged for accordingly.
  5. Examples of how offer works:
  • E.g. 1) New booking of same length:
    Cancelled booking of 10 days in April for 1 x dog was $320, booking fee paid of 40% was $128.
    New booking in early June for 10 days is also for $320, with new booking fee now due, being $64, as only $64 of the $128 due, has been transferred from the cancelled April booking to the June booking. The balance of $192 being due on the June check in. In effect you have lost 50% of your booking fee i.e. $64.00
  • E.g. 2) Shorter booking that must be at least 70% of the original booking period:
    Cancelled booking of 10 days for 1 x dog was $320, booking fee paid of 40% was $128
    New booking in say, early June is 7 days for 1 x dog is $224, booking fee due would normally be $89.60. Booking fee value able to be transferred from you old booking is still no more than 50% of the new booking fee value, i.e. $44.80, booking fee now due is also $44.80. You in effect lost 50% of 3 days of original booking fee ie $19.20.
    The customer by accepting this offer also acknowledges that this is a one time circumstantial conditional offer, not to be repeated. It is highly recommended that you obtain your own appropriate level of private travel insurance.
    IF you do not wish to accept the offer and wish to cancel then our cancellation policy applies as normal subject to normal notice given. You must advise us in writing, not by phone message. In such circumstance With such cancellations or in circumstances where the offer is not accepted, IF you have ALREADY PAID IN FULL, # then we will refund the balance ie the 60% normally due on check-in OR hold the balance in credit for you. # Please allow up to 30 days for 60% balance refund processing, that we endeavour to do at months end.
    A) This offer, your cancellation in writing and the offers written acceptance by you MUST be finalised by close of business i.e. by * 5pm Friday 3rd April 2020, where the balance of the new bookings, booking fee i.e. the other 50%, or as applicable, will also fall due. * If you are leaving to the last minute we will needed evidence of the new booking fee payment before the deadline. UPDATE: Please note as of Sunday 22/3/20 – this finalisation date has been extended to Thursday 30th April to allow you further consideration. Please also note, that we are still operating providing essential pet care as our customers go about essential travel ref. purchase of food, medical appointment and perhaps self isolated well being time outs etc. We have also introduced appointments for purpose of social distancing and TIME DISTANCING to facilitate this as we prioritise our customers health.
  • B) New accomodation period booked must Commence its first day by the end of this current financial year i.e. Tuesday 30th June 2020.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support, we do hope this offer helps some of you in some way, at the very least gives you an opportunity to pause for a couple of weeks. Our personal view is, we are all fortunate that we live in the coastal paradise we do, as we all come up with some new travel ideas that make the most of our beautiful location. Take care.

  1. On advice, this offer may be withdrawn at any time without further explanation.

Thank you.

Kind regards
John & Linda

Unfortunately in this era, the following does need to be said for those very very few ๐Ÿ™‚ Any issues or concern about the content of this news blog to our customers should be settled via private written communication, rather than via any social media outlet with comment that could be perceived by us as detrimental, negative or worse still potentially defamatory concerning this offer or the content of any subsequent & related private communications. In such circumstance, at best it will result in the immediate withdrawal of this offer.

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