Cyclone IRIS CAT 1 – Warning Zone Cancelled @ 7.51pm Wed 4.4.18

Cyclone IRIS remains a CAT 1; “…continuing to weaken…continues to move in an E-SE direction away from the Queensland east coast.”

WARNING ZONE – NONE – “no further tropical cyclone advices to be issued…” [information bulletins only]


FLOOD WATCH – ‘FINAL’ advice. “Flooding is no longer expected in…Don & Proserpine Rivers, Pioneer River”.

“…IRIS is expected to weaken below cyclone intensity this afternoon or tonight . The remnant tropical low will turn around tonight and adopt a track back towards the northwest.” Any showers are therefore expected to shift North during the weekend.

The risk of damaging winds and heavy rain has steadily diminished with TC Iris “…no longer having any significant impact on the Queensland coast or islands”.

ONCE AGAIN – All of the pets are very well, receiving their regular exercise and attention 🙂

Next update on or before 6/4/18.

A big thank you to IRIS for taking on board some of our earlier suggestions 🙂

Take care everyone.


A) BOM’s ‘FINAL’ TROPICAL CYCLONE ADVICE 15 @ 7.51pm Wed 4/4/18.

B) TROPICAL CYCLONE INFORMATION BULLETIN/S incl. latest issued @ 10.35am Thur 5/4/18; TRACKING MAPS.

C) Final Flood watch for coastal catchments between Ayr & St Lawerence @ 8.20am Thur 5/4/18.


Flood Cameras [OR call BOM on 1300 659 219 for automated land weather / flood warnings] [In left column, select 7 day town forecasts, you will be taken to a clickable map]

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