Cyclone Watch Phase at Whitsunday Pet Resort

Whitsunday Pet Resort is currently under a cyclone watch phase and has already calmly commenced making its own preparations. Preparations that are based on our own emergency action guide that is read in conjunction with the Whitsunday Region Emergency Action Guide 2017-2019 Edition. Currently all is well with your VIP’s. We also wish to reassure you well in advance of any cyclone developments that our focus is clearly the welfare and safety of your pets. Communications: We also ask for your patience in relation to any communications, that we will endeavour to respond to when the current ‘circumstances of the day’ permit. Pet collections: For those of you who wish to collect your pets in advance, we ask that this done within the the current cyclone watch or potential cyclone warning phase. Updates: Our reference ref future updates is Go to “Warnings current” “QLD”. Thank you for your patience and co-operation. Regards John & Linda Mulholland – Whitsunday Pet Resort

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