EXPIRED or INADEQUATE VACCINATION – “An open letter … Regrettable Cancellation”


Thank you for your email.

We acknowledge the ‘immunological memory’ of some of the core components of XXXX vaccinations that XXXX has had in the past, including his last vaccination given in late August 2013.

Despite what XXX XXX may say; we have our VIP policy (see resort entry requirements) that also deals with expired vaccinations; including the non core vaccination components, such as Parainfluenza Virus and Bordatella Bronchiseptica.

This policy considers an optimum standard of reliable protection for all VIP’s, including those already ‘in house’.

Full immunity for XXXX for both these non core components should be reached by 14 clear days from his next vaccination date.

Regrettably for all concerned, and as that vaccination may be occurring later today, we cannot accept XXXX into our resort on this occasion.

XXXX will be back in the office by 3pm if you wish to further discuss or clarify.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of vaccinations being given in a continuous 12 monthly cycle.

Kind regards

Whitsunday Pet Resort

Further comment by Whitsunday Pet Resort:

Attention all customers.

Please ensure your PASSPORT into Whitsunday Pet Resort i.e. your pets vaccinations are given in a continuous 12 monthly cycle and that you have a copy in your possession.

Additionally puppy vaccinations are critical as the one vaccination missed or delayed may have a major impact on your pets immunity level development.

Whilst we certainly encourage vaccination discussion with your Veterinary Surgeon, any missed, delayed or expired vaccinations that are renewed MUST be discussed with us at the time of your booking inquiry* and PRIOR to your pets entry. * Clearly we must be made aware of any other medical issues at this time.

Our VIP’s insist on optimum immunity levels for all guests.

The impact of a cancelled booking inquiry and the domino effect on all parties cannot be overstated.

Please check the following today (ultimately it’s your responsibility):

  • When is your pets next vaccination due?
  • Does your veterinary surgeon have your latest address, if reminders are sent out?
  • Do you have a copy of your pets vaccination with you, as your pet’s vet may be closed on your arrival date?

The above is provided in the spirit of encouraging ‘smooth sailing’ to that next holiday destination!
Many thanks for your assistance.

Please click here Bookings for ‘resort entry requirements’.

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