Where Very Important Pets STAY & PLAY ¬ģ


DON’T FORGET to ANSWER ‘both’ your dashboards Q&A sections i.e. Customer AND Pet.

  • Then, ‘SAVE YOUR RESPONSE’ – by clicking on ‘Update questions’ at the bottom of the Q&A page…
  • before you “ADD a BOOKING” ūüôā
  • Check you junk / spam folder for communications from us, particularly IF you have a ‘public or free’ email address e.g. Gmail, Hotmail etc.

CHECKING ONLINE AVAILABILITY? - this is the response you should receive: -

“We have availability for Dogs on your¬†requested¬†dates. ¬†
We¬†have¬†availability for Cats on your requested dates”


  • Please ‘refresh’ your web page browser & TRY ANOTHER DATE ?


Why no response or a red outline?

  • Perhaps we are: closed, your booking is last minute and there is no appointment‚Äôs left for that day, it‚Äôs a public holiday, there’s an additional closure in a peak holiday period,¬†we are not¬†currently offering daycare,¬†etc etc.¬†‚Äď please check the FAQ‚Äôs

I have made a booking inquiry and received advice my request has been received, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? What else do I need to do? How is my booking inquiry finalised?

1.¬†We will send you a “Conditional Booking Confirmation” (CBC)¬†
  • You need to¬†receive the CBC FIRST,¬†before making ANY payment; as Accommodation¬†Fees are added at this stage, to any additional¬†services¬†selected at the¬†initial booking¬†inquiry stage¬†¬†
a) The “CBC” requests you to:
PAY;¬†the¬†nominated¬†‚ÄėNon Refundable Booking Fee’¬†(NRBF)¬†amount,¬†to make your ‘booking confirmation’¬†unconditional. ¬†
  • So we know you are still intending to check-in ?
b) PAYMENT of the NRBF IS DUE within 24 hours; 
    • ONLINE payment¬†method¬†HIGHLY recommended¬†– as our a/c & your online¬†booking¬†is¬†instantly updated’.
2.¬†Booking is then “FINALISED” by sending you a Covid-Safe Management ‚Äėarrival appointment reminder‚Äô,that PERMITS you to¬†enter our property at the ‘appointment time’.

I have paid my 10% non refundable booking fee as per my Conditional Booking Confirmation (CBC) email, is my booking confirmed? Where can I check for payment advice?

Your booking has ALREADY been ‘confirmed’ upon your receipt of the Conditional Booking Confirmation” (CBC) email, PROVIDED you meet¬†the ‘condition’ i.e. payment of the 10% Non Refundable Booking Fee (NRBF) within the ¬†specified time frames, that is typically within * 24 hours of the CBC email being sent.

  • * Last Minute Bookings (LMB) excepted – (see FAQ on LMB’s or Short Notice)
  • If you have ‘paid online via stripe’ you receive immediate payment receipt advice, as your online dashboard booking section will instantly confirm receipt of the payment. We also be instantly advised of your payment.
  • Wishing to confirm RECEIPT of your payment?
  • Please log in & check your account.


  • If you have paid ‘manually’ via electronic funds transfer (EFT) and have sent us a payment advice (condition of manual EFT payment), you will receive ‘delayed’ payment receipt advice, as¬†your ‘dashboard’ will be updated manually. Thank you for your patience as we wait for funds to clear.
  • Wishing to confirm ¬†receipt your payment?
  • Please log in & check your account.
  • IF your payment of the Non Refundable Booking Fee (NRBF) is late OR¬†has not been made as requested, you should expect to receive:
  • 1. a reminder and a further opportunity to immediately pay the requested NRBF OR;
  • 2. advice that we are holding your booking until midnight.
  • In the event of non payment or late payment of the NRBF limited booking & appointment times are released to other customers. Your booking & appointment time is subject to change OR may be formally cancelled. IF change/s or cancellation has occurred, this will show on your dashboards online booking. ##¬†Please kindly check first before contacting us.
  • If administratively cancelled, you are certainly welcome to rebook.


  • ## IMPORTANT:¬†You may be in luck. ¬†If your original booking doesn’t show up on your dashboard as adjusted or cancelled then your booking and appointment ‘still exists’ as per your original booking request.
  • In these circumstances it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you immediately pay the NRBF online via ‘stripe’, as we are instantly advised of payment AND your booking is also instantly updated.

So when will you send me the Conditional Booking Confirmation (CBC) email that requires me to pay a non refundable booking fee?

Processing of your booking inquiry occurs DURING the below session times.
Monday, Tuesday Р8:00 AM Р10:00 AM & 3:00PM Р5:00PM 
WEDNESDAY: CLOSED (including office)
Thursday, Friday Р8:00 AM Р10:00 AM & 3:00PM Р5:00PM 
Saturday – 9:00 AM ‚Äď 11:00AM¬†ONLY
Sunday ‚Äď 3:00 PM ‚Äď 5:00 PM¬†ONLY
CLOSED ALL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS ‚ÄstSee FAQ‚Äôs for additional closures.

SHORT NOTICE / LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS including those made BETWEEN sessions when our office is closed? Will it be processed in time? My other options


  • then¬†processing & appt. confirmation¬†CANNOT be guaranteed
  • Regardless of any ¬†provisional availability checks you do, we still¬†need time to process your booking inquiry. ¬†This occurs¬†during our session times.
  • ¬†IF vaccinations are not uploaded, we CANNOT¬†further¬†process your inquiry.
  • Unsure of these steps? Check out the “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” FAQ
  • Booking inquiries made between sessions will not be processed until the next session.


a) So what can I do?




a) Book the next session.

If  you are borderline / approaching last minute, AND to mutually assist the process:

  • CHECK your “inbox” REGULARLY (also check your “junk” inbox ūüôā, keeping a look out for the “Conditional Booking Confirmation” (CBC) email that nominates the required Non Refundable Booking Fee (NRBF)¬†which MUST be paid in a timely manner; i.e.¬†so that¬†booking¬†FINALISATION¬†can occur 30′ before the end of the PREVIOUS session, i.e. PRIOR to your ARRIVAL session:- ¬†
  • Finalised by 9.30am on a Mon. 8-10am session, before an ARRIVAL in the Mon. 3-5pm session OR
  • Finalised by 10:30am on a Sat 9-11am session, before an ARRIVAL in the Sunday 3-5pm session.


  • VERY IMPORTANT: as office is closed Wednesdays…¬†
    • …bookings ¬†for the Thursday AM session¬†must¬†be¬†FINALISED by no later than 30 ‘¬†before¬†the¬†end of the Tuesday PM session.
    • Alternatively, book the Thursday PM session.


  • ONLINE payment¬†method¬†HIGHLY recommended¬†– as OUR a/c & YOUR online¬†booking a/c is¬†instantly updated’.
  • Payment advice? It¬†lets us know you are intending to check-in and is a¬†requirement for our next session planning. ¬†Respectfully – we don’t have a crystal ball that works… ūüôĀ ¬† ūüėČ


b) PROXY – you have booked the next session, you may already have departed on your trip? ¬†Perhaps your ‘approved’ proxy can assist & bring in your VIP? REMEMBER please ensure you have entered the requested proxies details in your Q&A response.

  • We will ALSO send an appointment reminder to your proxy in the session prior to check in, with a copy to yourself.


c) TRANSPORT by prior appointment Рweekday only Рprovided someone can handover or receive the pet. First refer to the Transport tab on website and contact us for further details ref. pick up and drop off  times / additional requirements.


  • ALL CUSTOMERS¬†– Keeping you pets vaccinations up to date and obtaining current¬†Vaccinations from your Veterinary Practitioner, & uploading¬†them to your dashboard; ensuring they contain the information we require;¬†is¬†your¬†responsibility. ¬†
      • For a small fee we do provide a personal admin upload service for those who¬†arrange for OR prefer to email certificates to us.
      • Those who prefer to get their vet to email us, always a good idea to ask your vet to cc you a copy as well, as you will still need to bring a hard copy in at check-in.

    Extract from Minimum Vaccination Standard FAQ:

    “For the information of your veterinary surgeon, veterinary nurse we require the following ref. evidence of vaccination status:

      • Pets name & * date of birth
      • Date¬†vaccination¬†given¬†( puppies / kittens we need all 3)
      • Type of vaccination given (puppies / kittens: we need all 3 dates)
      • Next Due Date/s (NDD)
      • Note – for the information of your Vet – if your vaccination has a mixture of next due dates eg. core vaccine components due in 3 years time (ie a triennial as opposed to the usual annual) AND non core components of the C5, that are typically due in 12 months time;¬†then BOTH next due dates (NDD’s) MUST be clearly stated.
      • * date of birth must be supplied for all puppies & kittens i.e. up to 12 months of age”.

What do I need to bring? Are there any related covid-19 restrictions?

  • ALWAYS a hard copy your pets ‘passport’ ¬†i.e. current vaccinations [including previous vaccination, IF required] on every visit.
  • Why? see next FAQ.
  • Please refer to your dashboards Q&A ref parasite prevention ‘requirements’.
  • A smile and confidence that your pet will have a great ‘staycation’ – IF you are nervous it ‘travels’ down the lead, if you are fearful – your VIP will be protective… you are their pack leader after all ūüôā
  • Perhaps use the opportunity at the office, to give your VIP a sit command and praise them for their obedience ūüôā ¬†They will be very happy they pleased you…
  • If your pet has limited socialisation and is not coping with a ‘the new experience of check-in’, perhaps take 2 steps back to the point or location where you VIP was comfortable… maybe leave the office for a moment…and we will take it from there…all good, no problems – as your goal, our goal is the same – a happy pet ūüôā


COVID related:


Pet Food supplied must be sealed, and of commercial preparation & presentation.


1 favourite toy only – no bedding please

Why do I need to present a hard copy of my VIP's current vaccination certificate every time I check-in IF I have already uploaded it OR a copy has been emailed to you?

  • Uploads of vaccinations are indicative only. ¬†Our Computer systems may be down (e.g. booking cloud) or we are suffering a power outage. We don’t hold hard copies on site. ¬†Uploads or emails of certificates may also be poor in quality, incomplete (e.g. pet’s names missing), unsigned etc. Your vet may be unavailable and we can’t verify a discrepancy?¬†Please view your pets vaccination certificate as you would your PASSPORT, and please present it every time you check in. ūüôā

What does WPR provide?

Professional bedding, Super Premium Food – Royal Canin ¬ģ ¬†Oz Pet cat litter¬ģ and a dash of TLC ūüôā

Should I get my VIP's vaccination early if I have a booking commencing within 15 days?

For further info. on the minimum vaccination standard, vaccinations that are expired, need to be upgraded & routine renewals:- including

  • prior to check-in, OR
  • due during an upcoming stay.

Please refer to FAQ: “What are your MINIMUM VACCINATION STANDARDS…?”

My pet doesn't have any vaccination ``history`` OR vaccinations are ``expired`` OR I may need to ``upgrade`` my pets vaccination?

For further info. on the minimum vaccination standard, vaccinations that are expired, need to be upgraded & routine renewals:- including

  • prior to check-in, OR
  • due during an upcoming stay.

Please refer to FAQ: “What are your MINIMUM VACCINATION STANDARDS…?”

What are your MINIMUM VACCINATION STANDARDS including MINIMUM AGE requirements. Comment on 'expired' vaccinations, 'no vaccination history' & vaccination 'upgrades' ...


F3 Cats

C5 Dogs.

Puppies & kittens РALL 3 vaccinations need to be uploaded

Minimum age¬†–¬†5¬†months

  • For the information of your veterinary surgeon, veterinary nurse we require the following ref. evidence of vaccination status:


      • Pets¬†name¬†& * date of birth
      • Date¬†vaccination¬†given¬†( puppies / kittens we need all 3)
      • Type¬†of vaccination¬†given¬†(puppies / kittens: we need all 3 dates)
      • Next¬†Due¬†Date/s¬†(NDD)
      • Note¬†– for the information of your Vet – if your vaccination¬†has a mixture¬†of next due dates eg. core vaccine components due in¬†3 years time¬†(ie a triennial as opposed to the usual annual) AND non core components of the C5, that are typically due in¬†12 months time;¬†then¬†BOTH¬†next due dates (NDD’s)¬†MUST¬†be clearly stated.
      • * date of birth¬†must¬†be supplied for all puppies & kittens i.e. up to 12 months of age.
      • Tax invoices / clinical notes are NOT ACCEPTED in lieu of a vaccination certificate. If vaccinated less than 15 days ago prior to the proposed CHECK IN DATE, please UPLOAD your pets ‘PREVIOUS’ vaccination.


VACCINATION RENEWALS¬†for those “IN a 12 monthly continuous cycle” AND who fall due PRIOR to an UPCOMING or DURING a period of accommodations, we suggest you vaccinate early (small grace period if due during a stay) and highly recommend renewals are given 14 clear days (preferred) PRIOR to check-in; but NO LESS than 4 clear days PRIOR to check in;¬†PROVIDED¬†the non-core kennel cough (KC) components (2) are ORAL or INTRANASAL and your pet is¬†WITHIN¬†its 12 monthly vaccination cycle.¬†HOWEVER, IF the KC component renewal is by injection (parenteral) i.e. subcutaneous, then 14 clear days immunity build up applies.

Example 14 clear days: Vaccinated 1/1/22 pet eligible to check in on Day 15 i.e. 16/1/22

Example 4 clear days: Vaccinated 1/1/22 pet eligible to check in on Day 5 i.e. 6/1/22

##¬†In either of the above circumstances or other circumstances where your pets¬†VACCINATION is given less than 15 days prior to check-in¬†you¬†MUST¬†ALSO¬†provide a copy of your pets *PREVIOUS VACCINATION¬†that states vaccination date & type given AND next due date (NDD), so that we can verify your pet is in its 12 monthly vaccination cycle / how far it may be out, as ‘we’ assess your pets immunity status.


*VACCINATION UPGRADES; PREVIOUS VACCINATION not available or NO VACCINATION HISTORY available for a required vaccine OR a required vaccine component e.g. Bordetella Bronchiseptica and/or Parainfluenza (collectively known as KC)?

You MUST advise us at the time of your booking inquiry. ¬†If upgrading a vaccine and or component, provided a 28-31 day booster is not required by us OR your vet then upon vaccination your pet will need to wait a minimum of 14 clear days prior to being able to check in on Day 15. Example 14 clear days: Vaccinated 1/1/22 pet eligible to check in on Day 15 i.e. 16/1/22. If a booster in approx. 4 weeks is required, your pet will need to wait another 14 clear days after the booster. Your “vet” may verbally advise 72 hours or even 24 hour is sufficient for some components. Irrespective of advice, WPR has other factors to consider, we require 14 clear days immunity build up for those with no vaccine / vaccine component history.


VACCINATION EXPIRED that are renewed, when outside a 12 monthly continuous cycle? You must provide the previous vaccination for our assessment. We do have a small grace period if you are a little overdue, again that grace period may differ to your vets advice as we have other factors to consider. Regardless, in such circumstances it is recommended that the non-core kennel cough (KC) vaccine component (2) renewal is ORAL or INTRANASAL.

If you are within our grace period, your pet ‚Äėmay‚Äô be eligible for check in 4 CLEAR DAYS after renewal of the expired vaccination, UNLESS your vet recommends longer. ¬†Your “vet” may verbally advise 72 hours or even 24 hour is sufficient. ¬†Irrespective WPR has other factors to consider we require 4 clear days. ¬†E.g. Upgraded ¬†1/1/22 your pet ‘may’be eligible to check in on Day 5 i.e. 6/1/22.

## Admittedly our vaccination policy is fairly robust. It is also not negotiable. We take the responsibility for the health and welfare of all of our VIPs seriously. We simply prefer to err on the side of caution and aim for best practices and standards that will always be higher than the minimum.

Any concern or doubt as to your pets current vaccination status MUST be cleared with us at the booking inquiry phase and PRIOR to payment of a non refundable booking fee AND your pet entering our resort.

VERY IMPORTANT – refer to online booking system Terms and Conditions / website FAQ’s ref. on online booking system / updated / current terms and conditions including, agreed to vaccination policy. Signed waiver refers; which applies to all online bookings and from October 2020

My dog is un-desexed. What additional surcharge will apply to my VIP's visit? Do you have a limit on the number of un-desexed dogs you accomodate?

Un-desexed DOGS – additional surcharge applies & limited availability in peak periods:

  • * All un-desexed dogs (male & female)¬†up to 12 months of age¬†are charged an additional $10 per day.
  • * Un-desexed dogs (male & female) 12 months off age or older are charged an additonal $15 per day.
  • * A 50%¬†discount to un-desexed surcharges will be¬†applied to¬†those¬†dogs (M&F) on a “Puppy Enrichment Package”, “Platinum Package”, “Confidence Package”, with 100%¬†surcharge discount (no charge) if opting for our exclusive “Platinum Plus” package.
  • Recommend you discuss age of desexing with your vet; as age¬†recommended¬†varies widely.
  • *Accommodation¬†limits¬†on number of un-desexed dogs (M&F)¬†apply during peak periods

What are some of the additional fees for services that I may require OR you may apply to my VIP's visit?

The following is not an exhaustive list.  Additional charges may be applied at the time of your conditional booking confirmation, at check- in or during your stay as required.

You will also have the opportunity to add additional services when ‘adding a booking’ from your online booking dashboard.


  • Seniors Assistance +$5.00 per day (all pets from 11 years)
  • 2nd daily MEDICATION (routine oral & topical) +$7.00 per day (administration of / recording of / storage of vet prescribed meds). 1st complimentary.
  • 2nd daily MEAL dog $7.00 per day
  • 2nd daily MEAL cat $5.00 per day
  • Food storage – cold $3.50 per pet, per day
  • Additional care / high dependency from $12 per day
  • “Peak period”: B&B +$4.00 per day; Puppy Enrichment +$6.00; Confidence Package +$6.00; Platinum + $6.00; Platinum Plus + $8.00. [refer to FAQ for peak period times.
  • Solo accommodation requested by you OR required by us, will attract a surcharge¬†that typically applies only in our busier Peak periods, e.g. Christmas /New Year or other times of maximum capacity. The surcharge is + 50% of the current applicable daily accommodation rate.¬†Please see the respective FAQ for further explanation¬†and to see if this¬†surcharge¬†will apply.

When is the PEAK PERIOD for the Christmas / New Year school holiday period in 2021/2022 and what dates are you closed for the Christmas New Year break? How are you processing short stay booking requests during this time?

The peak period for Christmas New Year 2021/2022 commences on Saturday 11th December 2021 and continues through to Sunday 23rd January 2022.

We are closed for the Christmas New Year period from Friday 24th December 2021 and until Monday 3rd January 2022 inclusive, re-opening on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

With the exception of 24/12/21 to 4/1/22 inclusive, there is no minimum accommodation period during the period 11/12/21 to 23/1/22. ¬†However approval for shorter stays (7 days & less) will be capped initially & ¬†particularly during the week leading into Christmas, as appointments are prioritised to those checking in for Christmas & the New Year. ¬†Short stay inquiries outside the cap, may be processed in the last week. ¬†TIP – book early ūüôā

The Australia Day public holiday is Wednesday 26th January 2022.

Why do you have a daily rate?

* DAILY RATE:  Accommodation fees for each pet, are calculated on a calendar day basis.  This also includes the day of arrival and the day of departure, regardless of which session you arrive in or depart on.

  • Our DAILY RATE ALLOWS our customers a MORNING CHECK IN & AFTERNOON CHECK OUT on our busiest days, without additional charge. Such options are already included in the price of our daily rate and how most use our services.
  • For your pets accommodation space to be guaranteed, i.e. for current in house guests, and the next pet,¬†it¬†must be reserved for the entire day, even if you arrive in the¬†afternoon¬†OR leave¬†in the morning.

Best way to make¬†the most of the daily rate?¬†– check-in, in the morning and check out, in the afternoon on our ‘busiest days’.

  • Remembering though, we are closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Why do you have a solo accommodation rate in the busiest part of your Christmas New Year peak period?

Solo accommodation rate (SAR) – is commensurate with covering part of the financial loss of providing additional kennel space (caused by the additional kennel management needs of your VIP). Some establishments charge 100% extra. We meet you 1/2 way. It also relates to our duty of care / professional kennel management standards that we apply to all pets.


This surcharge generally applies to non social breeds (as determined by Whitsunday Pet Resort), entire male, unsociable male/female, owner requested, resort required e.g. brachycephalic breeds or the elderly dog who require reduced stimulation & must rest, breeds or mix of those breeds of a genetic predisposition to personality traits and temperament, whether displayed before or not. The surcharge also applies to the VIP’s who have previously been, are or deemed to be potentially incompatible or are are incompatible with others and in such circumstances can also clearly apply to a sociable breed.


The surcharge is subject to demand; and so it is not applied for the entire peak period; this surcharge is only applied OR occurs at the busiest peak period times e.g. leading into and out of Christmas/New Year, Easter or large event.


This charged has been in existence for several years and if you have not been charged this before in a busy peak period then you are ahead.

In 2021/2022 the SAR will apply from Saturday 11/12/2021 to Sunday 09/01/2022 inclusive.


Note: Our standard B&B rates have always been based on your pet possessing an even temperament with a sociable and non-aggressive nature and therefore their ability to share accommodation. Why? The domestic dog is the majority of cases a social animal. Sharing arrangements WHEN implemented, are typically with those pets of the same family, those well socialised / trained, where NO additional costs apply.


Obedience training and the incorporated socialisation of your pet provides a lot of cross benefit, and goes a long way to ensuring a great visit. Highly recommended.


Recapping, solo accommodation required (duty of care to all pets) or requested in the busiest peak periods = solo accommodation surcharge. Currently in quieter periods we have always provided solo accommodation as standard or as needed, without the surcharge being applied. If your pet meets ALL of the following: i.e. our breed, type & de-sexing requirements and possesses an even temperament with a sociable non-aggressive nature, and therefore has an ability to share accommodation; then this surcharge will NOT APPLY to you.

I wish to cancel my booking. Is my NON-REFUNDABLE BOOKING FEE (NRBF) refundable or transferable?


Our NRBF rate considers potential COVID-19 impacts, and is purposely minimal i.e. 10%, compared to the total value, given that we do not ask for payment in full at the booking confirmation stage.

IMPORTANT: Cancellation in writing of a confirmed booking, at any time PRIOR to your scheduled appointment, also relieves you of the contractual obligation to pay the balance due.  

In the event of a no show / cancellation change of mind, regardless of reason, self cancellation scenario Рunforeseen or otherwise incl. COVID 19; your NRBF of 10% is forfeited & is therefore not transferable. 

Forfeit, view our reasonable administration costs & contribution to losses incurred by cancellation and as per ACL guidelines.  

There is¬†some¬†conditional¬†opportunity for a booking modification & fee to be paid ($17.50). See Par. 12 T&C’s – where¬†conditions¬†of:¬†similar¬†time¬†frame to that originally booked, same days/value, required notice¬†– ALL apply. ¬†Differing Packages impact¬†limits¬†to the no. of¬†changes¬†permitted,¬†including¬†the cost of the booking¬†modification¬†of fee applied.¬†¬†

Further flexibility also exists with our 24 hour cooling off period.

  • Please also refer to our terms and conditions for full & further information i.e. Whitsunday Pet Resort Pty Ltd ACN 163 053 110
    Contract – Agreement – Terms & Conditions ‚Äď All Pets,
  • via ‘other info’ on our website OR via T&C’s through the online booking system:
  • https://www.whitsundaypetresort.com.au/booking-inquiry

Under what circumstances can I modify a booking? How much notice do I need to give and what is the cost?

Extract Terms & Conditions par. 12 & 13.
“Once you pay a booking fee, you become liable for the total cost of the period booked, with the balance due at the originally scheduled check in date & time. ¬†Although technically a cancellation we are allowing a conditional & limited booking modification to provide you some flexibility, that is always subject to availability. Conditions: – a) Any modification/s of the original booking must always contain at least one day of the original period booked and b) be of the same number of days and c) value of the original booking, otherwise it is regarded as a formal cancellation of the booking.¬†
MODIFICATION NOTICE IS REQUIRED: A booking modification change is permitted up to:
 7 days prior to check-in, in an off-peak period, 
14 days prior, in a normal peak period – *except Xmas/NY,
* 28 days priorin the Christmas New Year Peak Period. 
13. BOOKING MODIFICATION FEE ‚Äď number of changes allowed, when due
“Once you pay a booking fee, you become liable for the total cost of the period booked, with the balance due at the originally scheduled check in date & time.
‚ÄĘ If you wish to change this liability and the period booked, then a change fee equivalent to 50% of the bookings B&B accommodation rate for 1 dog (even if the booking is for more than 1 pet or includes or is for a cat) will be charged each and every time a modification is made, PLUS any additional accommodation cost differences for the new period booked.
Examples ‚Äď
i. 2 dogs and 1 cat are booked in the booking modification would be $17.50 for an off-peak period.
ii. 1 dog booked in, the booking modification would be $17.50 for an off-peak period.
iii. 1 cat booked in, the booking modification fee would be $17.50 for an off-peak period.
‚ÄĘ If the booking is extended, a further booking fee for those additional days also falls due.
Number of changes permitted
I. B&B booking ‚Äď 1 change permitted, change fee is equivalent to 50% of the bookings B&B accommodation rate for 1 dog per booking change
II. Platinum booking (or equivalent value) bookings. * 2 changes. The 1ST booking modification change fee is complimentary. 2nd change fee/s equivalent 50% of the bookings B&B accommodation rate for 1 dog per booking change.
III. Platinum Plus bookings ‚Äď *No limit on changes. The 1ST booking modification change fee is complimentary. 2nd & subsequent change fee/s equivalent to 50% of the bookings B&B accommodation rate for 1 dog per booking change.
  • Please also refer to our terms and conditions for full & further information i.e. Whitsunday Pet Resort Pty Ltd ACN 163 053 110
    Contract – Agreement – Terms & Conditions ‚Äď All Pets,
  • via ‘other info’ on our website OR via T&C’s through the online booking system:

Can I pick up or deliver my pet outside your business hours?

Sorry, we are CLOSED.


Our trading hours are for your prior planning.


The last appointment for check in & departure is 10′ before the end of a trading session.


We are a busy facility and have many other related commitments.


We are also bound by council by-laws, which must be respected and strictly adhered to.


In addition, it is equally important to preserve the routine and comfort of our Very Important Pets.


EXTERNAL EVENTS OUT OF OUR CONTROL. Should an ‘off site issue out of our control’ cause you a delay and you subsequently ‘miss a flight’, the ‘bank closing time’ or a ‘tour departure’, then naturally you adjust your plans and reschedule. We certainly empathise and understand that such rescheduling may be at some considerable inconvenience to you. In ALL such circumstances we ask that you respect our operating hours and similarly request a rescheduling of ¬†your arrival and departure time to our next scheduled trading session, and regardless of whether it is a weekend or a public holiday etc. Remember our office is closed between hours of scheduled trade and such scenario is not an excuse to attend & wander around the property.


STAFF ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Staff are not rostered on standby, requested OR asked to be available to assist with a call out / out of hours requests. Even if they were available, the raw wages cost factor alone, 2 staff minimum overtime rates for a min. of 2 or 3 hrs each (depending on award or agreement), the administration of same… It is not commercially viable & completely disregards our vision that includes all pets.


If you find you have arrived out of hours, please make arrangements and communicate a respectful intention to return during a scheduled trading session. Upon re-opening in the next session and receiving your request, we will respond as soon as we can. Additional patience may certainly be required as we may be first attending to other scheduled check ins and departures.


Whitsunday Pet Resort DOES NOT provide, offer or negotiate out of hours arrivals or departures i.e a CALL OUT.


UPDATE MAY 2021: There may be some limited opportunity for a continuation of shift scenario ONLY (i.e NOT a call out scenario) for a max of 25′ after a session closure with staff already on shift – IF they are available. Fees apply. ¬†SEE specific FAQ that provides details on costs and conditions.


Alternative options:


THIRD PARTY PROXIES – Many of our customers nominate a third party (proxy owner, agent or representative) who may be able to assist you, in check in and collection during our business hours. # IMPORTANT – Third party proxies MUST be ‘prior approved’ by Whitsunday Pet Resort. ¬†See specific FAQ as to why everyone cannot be a proxy.

ALTERNATIVELY you are welcome to drop off your pet the day before or collect the day after.

Once again, a genuine thank you for respecting our privacy and our vision for your Very Important Pets.


UPDATE – the FOLLOWING certainly does not apply to our typical wonderful and respectful customers, it only applies on those rare occasions to those ‘few’ who may have missed some of our previous correspondence, or who may have some ‘specsaver’ type difficulty in reading & complying with property signage ūüôā


To address VIP security, everyone’s health and welfare issues, some additional ‘out of hours’ comment and to provide general education on expected behaviours, it has become necessary to provide some further explanation to the above:-


1. WANDERING OUT OF HOURS РIt is a serious WH&S issue and Trespass matter for those who intentionally or not, display little respect for our business hours, appointments, property boundaries or signage AND commence to wander through private property.  Surveillance footage will be handed over to the police.

Even more serious:

2. WH&S comment:

a) Some pets are extremely protective of their locale and through frustration may ‘vent’ on a resident, private visitor or staff member who may be with the ‘protective dog’ when the dog cannot ‘get’ to a wandering stranger. ¬†The staff member subsequently gets chewed up – some dog breeds will and have done this to people before;

b) Off lead, high level dog training may also be occurring on the property out of hours.


3. TRESPASS comment:

a) Security of our VIP’s, our property, is taken very seriously.
b) Trespassers WILL be prosecuted.
c) Additionally, a person arriving early or late for appointment with a misguided belief that they are somehow entitled to ignore signage and wander through the property etc., are trespassing.
d) Our signage applies to everyone.

Why cant everyone be approved as a proxy for check-in or collection of my pet?

Not everyone can be approved as a proxy. ¬†Due to biosecurity arrangements, a nominated proxy cannot be a house sitter, pet sitter, dog washer, unlicensed back yard operator or similar, as they are at a higher occupational risk of coming into contact with other unvaccinated / unprotected pets and as a consequence may be a source of carrier transfer of bacteria, disease, virus or various parasites, some of which are highly contagious and can be transferred via clothing / footwear etc. after previous direct or indirect contact etc. e.g. aerosol contact. See Par. 35 T&C’s.

What is your normal processing & response time to a booking inquiry or an email / phone message?

Your email or phone message is naturally VERY IMPORTANT to us, however they are only checked during our office hours / session times. Not between sessions – our office is closed.

Our priority is always with our in house guests (VIP’s).


Response times:

Processing of booking inquiries occurs during each session.

We endeavour to respond to all emails or phone messages within 24-36hrs of receiving them.

You haven’t received any response?

Before following up, kindly first check your junk folder ūüôā

Perhaps your question has received a lower priority as the answer is in our website FAQ’s – kindly check there first ūüôā


Thank you for your patience & co-operation.

What if I have a change of plans and wish to pick up my pet early? Am I due a refund?

As we generally hydrobath or carry out a kitty kat dry wash and groom* the morning before your scheduled departure, we would certainly appreciate your courtesy of providing 48 hours notice of any changes to your pick-up appointment time.


There are no refunds for checkout or pickups earlier than the accommodation originally booked & confirmed.


Thank you for allowing us to present your VIP in the best possible way!


* Included in our Platinum & Platinum Plus Cat packages; and complimentary after a 7-day stay; on our standard / B&B package.


See our Terms and Conditions & other FAQ’s ref cancellation, booking modifications – conditions and notice required.

When does the peak period apply?

The peak period rate is charged on all Queensland School Holiday Periods that includes the Christmas New Year Period and the Easter holiday break.


The peak period rate is also charged on public holidays and public holiday periods.


A public holiday period is one where a public holiday leads into or follows a weekend i.e. where the public holiday is either on the Friday or Monday.

All other periods can generally be regarded as the off peak period (daily discount applied)

Will you accept a pet that is not well?

Pets with treated or untreated injuries, diseases or illnesses, may not be accepted into the resort.


All injuries, disease or illness or those pets who are OR will be in post operative recovery, must be disclosed during the booking inquiry phase prior to your pet’s arrival.

Do I need to bring bedding for my pet?

Update – Since COVID-19 – please limit to 1 x favourite toy (will be treated with F10)

Not at all. All bedding is supplied. All bedding is washed & treated daily.


If you still wish to bring your dogs ‘special’ bed, it must be:

  • clean
  • labelled with your dogs name & surname
  • of an approved type.

If you wish to bring any blankets or towels, they must be moderate in size and ones that you are prepared to lose, as any unhygienic or soiled bedding will be disposed of.


We certainly keep our VIP’s warm and wash and sort our own blankets & towels daily.


PREMIUM Bedding? – Please refers to our platinum packages for information on our premium bedding options.

If I pick up my pet during one of your afternoon sessions, will I be charged extra?

No, you will not be charged any extra if you collect your pet in one of our afternoon sessions. We charge a daily rate that includes the day of drop-off and day of collection, regardless of whether that occurs in the morning or afternoon. Many of our customers already take advantage of this and use the opportunity to unpack, unhitch the boat or van and collect their VIP during one of our afternoon sessions. For further explanation on a daily rate, please refer to our FAQ “Why do you have a daily rate?”.

Why are all dogs charged at the same daily rate?

General resort management and routine, the amount of infrastructure, equipment, miscellaneous costs, floor space allocated, exercise, care and attention needed, staffing levels, is in essence, the same for all dogs, no matter what their size.


The amount of food consumed by each VIP is only a small percentage of the total cost. Ironically the smaller dogs get a little extra, in the form of a recently introduced delicious super premium tinned food options that accompanies our super premium dry food as required.


Many of our smaller VIP’s simply require additional one-on-one time & care, including extra supervision in our exercise yards.


We would have it no other way at Whitsunday Pet Resort.


And yes while cost is very important, what goes on behind the scenes is even more so.

My pet hasn't been in a resort before, what can I do?

It is best to check in your VIP earlier in the day if possible, to allow more time for your pet to familiarise itself with its surroundings and our routine.


This will also give us lots of time for frequent and positive interactions throughout the day to get your dog’s tail wagging or your kitty kat purring.

My VIP has a special diet, can I bring my own food or can you supply it?

Yes you can bring your own food, restrictions apply as per COVID safe management update.


Please refer to par. 39 of Whitsunday Pet Resort Pty Ltd ACN 163 053 110 Contract – Agreement – Terms & Conditions ‚Äď All Pets when you register on our new online booking program
There is a small daily storage and preparation fee for any food you provide that requires refrigeration or a freezer.


However with 14 days notice we can generally provide any veterinary grade super premium food of your choice and without additional charge.


We also have a menu of extras, sides and main meals for a small additional cost that you can select on check in to supplement our standard B&B package.


Please refer to our platinum and platinum plus packages where choices ranging from treats to meals are automatically included in the daily rate.


For more information on package content, please click here Cats Dogs

Some of the dogs seem a little excited when I enter the resort?

When our customers arrive and depart with their VIPs, some of our in-house VIP’s think they could be ‘next’, and so a little bit of ‘chat’ between them may start.


If you are collecting your VIP, your dog and yes your cat, already knows you are at the Resort before you even get out of your vehicle.


Many of our VIPs may also be getting exercised or fed, or just having a game on your arrival.


Depending on the days antics, we are also very conscious to encourage and carefully place any shy dogs in the most suitable accommodation.


When we are closed it is a different story, as is bed time. Generally you can hear a pin drop. The VIP’s have been fed the best food you can buy, they have been exercised, their beds are cosy…it’s time for more sleep…

I would like to make an appointment for a viewing. Have viewings been impacted by COVID-19?

Viewings by appointment – Ceased – as per COVID Safe management.

We have a duty of care and have made some changes to our business to keep our clients and staff safe, particularly those who may be in a high risk category. We are operating by appointment only during our opening hours and have ceased all viewings of the resort at this time. Additionally we are no longer offering daycare.


  • We encourage you to scroll through our Facebook pictures, social media posts & reviews, refer to our website testimonials and & perhaps check with a local vet to validate our performance ?


Pre COVID-19:

“Viewings are certainly welcome as we are proud of our service and standards.”


Please contact us for an appointment.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer ‘spontaneous’ viewings during:

  • Peak periods,
  • At the time of check-in,
  • Or a collection of your pet.


Why?  Other in house cats, dogs, old, young, the unsocialised, protective may be unnecessarily intimidated, challenged & stressed by your presence and so may need to be moved, prior to a viewing.


Thank you for your understanding.

When does your annual price rise happen and why?

With the exception of a sudden or extraordinary rise in costs, our annual price rise is effective from 1st July each year (purposely applied in between school holiday periods).  It reflects increased operating costs such as insurance, super premium food, & similar miscellaneous costs that have occurred in the preceding 12 months.  1st July is also aligned with the national wage increase. Updated 30/4/22 Рsee last paragraph.

Comment: Insurance rises have been noticed in 2019/20, significant covid-19 costs have not been passed on @1/7/20

* Prices charged are those current at the time of boarding accommodation check-in and not at the time of your booking inquiry or confirmation.

Price rise effective 30/4/22 Рis out of sequence.  We have have always carried increase costs of service delivery for 6 months of every year since 2013 against accountancy advice by implementing our annual price rise from 1st day of the financial year.  Effective 1/5/22 price rises will now occur on 1 January and 1 July as per advice.

WHEN you are not sure of your booking DATES and/or APPOINTMENT TIMES?

In¬†relation¬†to your proposed booking dates and or times that you may be¬†unsure of ūüôā
Firstly thank you for letting us know of a potential change now, so we can respond and best assist with minimum inconvenience & and potential extra cost to you.
If you¬†haven’t¬†already done so, if you could¬†¬†mutually¬†assist by planning ahead at the booking¬†inquiry¬†stage¬†to allow some extra travel time, that would be wonderful ūüôā
Think along the lines of booking a seat on an airline and how you would pre-plan for your flights arrival or departure time.  A WPR appointment arrival or departure time is no different. 
However, if personal circumstances are such that you are currently not sure of¬†dates OR times OR both, it may be best to¬†kindly¬†cancel and¬†rebook, when you are more¬†certain ūüôā
This approach is also appreciated by our customers, who then have the opportunity to book and confirm an appointment time/s that are limited in their availability.
We want to genuinely assist & address more than one¬†scenario, we want to be 100%¬†transparent: –
Changing a confirmed appointment DATE, conditions & notice required, potential change costs and cancellation?
Once a booking is processed to confirmation, you become liable for the total cost of the period booked. 
Changes e.g. later than scheduled arrivals for eg. the next day, are subject to booking modification conditions AND minimum notice, to provide some limited flexibility to your original booking.  
If these conditions / notice are not met, the balance of full payment as originally booked Р90%, always applies to a changed / next day check-in date scenario plus any additional days.  
Alternatively it is regarded as a formal cancellation of the booking / no show.  Example, you are not checking in for this weekend for 3 days but the following weekend for 3 days.
Remembering though you haven’t paid in full, you¬†have paid a non¬†refundable booking fee of 10%.¬†
Similarly there is no refund or credit due on the originally confirmed booking if departure is earlier than originally scheduled.
Cancellation in writing prior to your booking check-in, also relieves you of your agreed to liability to pay the 90% balance due at the original check in appointment date & time.
Please refer to FAQ or par. 12 T&C’s regarding¬†booking modification¬†conditions, on¬†amount of notice¬†required –¬†varies if peak or off peak,¬†booking change fees etc, par. 25¬†regarding cancellations.
Appointment TIME change on the the day of arrival or departure?
If you may arrive earlier than your appointment, then we simply ask you to wait OR return at your appointment time.  
Unfortunately we are unable to approve appointment time change requests on the same day for an earlier appointment 48 hours minimum notice please.  
Our busy day is¬†already¬†planned ūüôā ¬†Perhaps grab a coffee nearby?¬†
  • ¬†
If you are running late for your appointment, then upon receiving your polite request and ongoing patience we will attempt to reschedule you.  Rescheduling is always subject to limited availability; which may be the next session; as in a busy peak period all the days appointments could already be allocated.  
No different to respectfully rescheduling your Doctors appointment.  Similarly we will respond to your request during a session when we can OR when we next re-open, NOT between sessions when we are closed.
There are multiple scenarios and this document only summarises a few.  
For example, on occasion it may actually be cheaper to cancel, lose your non refundable booking fee (not transferable) and rebook to arrive in 3 days time? 
So please refer to terms &¬†conditions¬†for¬†further¬†information and a fuller explanation. ¬†Perhaps check your dashboards Q&A¬†and our¬†Websites FAQ’s as well?