Off site drop offs and pick ups extended to include Wed 5/4/17

Hi everyone, we are doing as much as we can to restore our grounds back to normal. We still do not have electricity supply, phones or computer function. We kindly ask for your patience pending restoration of services, as we also attempt to respond to all inquiries. Those seeking a cancellation or transfer of booking, please refer to our sites terms and conditions, including booking conditions (ref. Bookings menu) that may assist you in your decision making process. I would suggest such conditions are particularly relevant as we move into the 2nd week, post cyclone


Off site access ONLY has been extended for another 24 hours up to and including Wed 5/4/17. Drop off and pick up locations (complimentary) include Centro, Cannonvale area and BP Proserpine area. As previously stated this service is working beautifully and has been for several days now, with pets arriving and departing as per bookings.

Kind regards
John & Linda Mulholland

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