Post Cyclone Debbie update, what we do & vaccination standards

Post Cyclone Debbie, the rebuild of the awesome Whitsundays region is under way. This brings with it busy times, coupled with some degree of uncertainty as to what’s happening next for everyone.

How did we go? Firstly, Whitsunday Pet Resort is quite proud of the fact that all of our in house guests during Cyclone Debbie were safe and secure. This was no accident. It was a fantastic team effort as we implemented our own emergency action guide (EAG) that was read in conjunction with the Whitsunday Regional EAG 2017-19 edition. Incidentally we are a designated white zone area. We also need to acknowledge that we were wonderfully assisted by our Manager Suzanne, Kennel Cattery Assistant & Vet Nurse Bree and ‘jack of lots of trades’, Chris. Our preparations were checked by builder and vet and gave us the necessary confidence. A huge thank you!

Importantly people may find they now need to use the services of a secure facility offering that special peace of mind. If so please read on. Whitsunday Pet Resort – What is it? It’s where the VIP’s stay, play, get bit of tail wagging happening, then kick back and relax. Well, that’s what we do. We are good at it. We take the responsibility very seriously. Management of your pets happiness and welfare is critical for an enjoyable stay with us and is the normal scenario at Whitsunday Pet Resort. Top grade bedding (Kuranda bedding, pro fleece vet blankets are all available) water containers, that you could drink out of as well (not negotiable) is the standard, servings of Super Premium Food (retailing at well over $100 per bag), is only a part of the picture. Review our packages online (awesome value), and on arrival, why not ask about our treats and extras? Also take a look at our ‘unedited testimonials’ – see “Why Us” tab.

Very importantly we ALSO create that “neutral environment” where your VIP’s get used to our routine, lots of interaction, lots of positive positive. The alternative, perhaps left at home with some other care options, whilst well meaning and may suit some, is not for everyone. Your pet soon realises you are not home tonight. This naturally leads to a routine that is now changed, clearly different and one that sometimes can be, largely un-supervised. As we know our pets are very perceptive, super social and need that extra interaction…not getting it…mmm. FURRY QUESTION. “…where is everyone, what will I do next, wonder where Mum and Dad is?”. Digging, barking, perhaps escaping are common scenarios, we continually hear about. ANSWER. SIMPLE – Their step Mum and Dad is @ Whitsunday Pet Resort!

Super Important. However to use us, your pets must be vaccinated and to our standards. We suggest you plan ahead now. Get your pets passport into our facility, in order. For example some vets may only opt to provide your dog with a C4 vaccination. However we require a C5 standard for dogs and F3, prefer F4 for cats. Typically after vaccination, there is also an immunity build up period. This doesn’t occur overnight. We also recommend that vaccinations are given in a 12 monthly continuous cycle. So please see our resort entry requirements for more information and then perhaps discuss with your veterinarian and finally check back with us, if you have any questions. Quickest way to get the ball rolling – via an online booking inquiry which is checked when our office next reopens.

Booking Inquiries: via the online booking inquiry. (Click word ‘Bookings’ tab, located top right of page). It would assist us greatly in processing time, if ALL THE INFORMATION REQUESTED is provided by you at the time of your inquiry.

Hope this helps you a little and best of luck with the rebuild, as we focus on the positives.

Kind regards
John & Linda Mulholland – Whitsunday Pet Resort.

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