Price Increase – effective 1 July 2017

To all of our VIP parents. Please be aware that commencing Saturday 1st July 2017 there will be a small price increase. Our B&B ‘off peak’ packages starting from $28 per DOG per day (up from $26) and $20 per CAT per day (up from $18) and so on… To find these and other package prices on our website, please ‘click’ on the word DOGS or CATS after close of business 30th June 2017. Please note – our advertised pricing is INCLUSIVE of GST. This year the price rise is $2 rather than the customary $1. The $1 rise last year only partly absorbed increasing costs, which for some reason seem more prominent this year. Some costs have increased by 100%. Super premium food supplied to your VIPs for e.g has gone up, again and again. It is also critical we maintain adequate staffing levels. This coming financial year we have also continued to provide B&B ‘peak period’ accomodation rates for the traditional $2 extra per day, compared with the off peak rate. We have for the time being resisted the need to increase the peak period rate by more than $2. Having said that; the peak period rate that goes hand in hand with increased operating costs; is under review over the next 12 months. It is critical that we maintain all services during peak times, including staffing levels to provide for our vision. A vision that is focused on providing the best possible care and experience for your VIP. Thank you.

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