HAVE CONFIDENCE IN WHITSUNDAY PET RESORT’S – CORONA VIRUS MANAGEMENT. Many of our customers already know we are pedantic with vaccination and parasite prevention standards. As early as late Jan/early Feb 2020, we proactively “arranged no contact, yet supervised off site delivery of some pets” to customers who had just flown in from well known overseas COVID-19 hot spots. Such awareness & standards were simultaneously reflected in our behind the scenes hygiene practices, e.g. STEPPING UP OUR CLEANING REGIME, IN OUR RECEPTION / OFFICE. We have alway used & continue to use professional cleaning products (including veterinary grade F10 mixed to instrument sterilisation & virus killing strength) for CLEANING counters, door handles, ATM machines, air con filters etc. OFFICE CLEANING FREQUENCY – Where possible, for several weeks now, this cleaning standard has been occurring on DEPARTURE of EVERY customer and PRIOR TO the ENTRY of the NEXT CUSTOMER. At days end, no one wants a cold, a flu or even COVID-19…

So to help us help you, here’s what NOW OCCURS @ WPR:

We are NOW requesting ALL customers:-

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS; and then AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE , PRIOR TO ENTRY & during your time at our pet resort. Hand cleaner provided.
  2. ANY customers who have ANY SYMPTOMS of cold, influenza or coronavirus, should not be indiscriminately attending our resort. You are requested to FIRST CONSULT with your GP. WHEN? PRIOR TO RESORT ENTRY. [naturally some timely & private conversations may then need to occur to discuss any medical results / advice such as self-isolation. An alternative solution may be for eg. A proxy, that must be first approved by us – several conditions pre; & updated post covid-19; apply]
  3. ONE (1) VISITOR (or FAMILY GROUP) IN OUR OFFICE, checking in or collecting their pet at ANY ONE TIME.
  5. DO NOT APPROACH other customers OR their pets, perhaps stand to one side?

Assist by keeping PETS under * effective control on a short lead.
*Collar – properly adjusted. It shouldn’t be able to be pulled over dogs head.
*Harnesses – adjusted for a firm fit.
*Fishing reel type leads – Line NOT to be extended.
*Handler must be min.12 yrs of age.

  1. PLAN AHEAD for busy peak periods, allow for additional processing time.

Perhaps come in a day earlier?

Useful link:

Useful local medical service: who are now offering a Skype service as at 13/3/2020.

Previous blog / posts on 9/3/2020 refer.

Updates – check website first:

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