Re-opening Sun 2/4/17 – off site drop off and pick ups only.

Hi everyone.  All your VIP’s are very well thank you.  Ok, driving past we certainly don’t look much at the moment but it is our intention to re-open Sun 2/4/17 in a restricted capacity. So please read on.  

We now have internal exercise yards purposely created thanks to ‘Debbie’. Additionally pets will also experience one on one on lead time to feel the grass under foot. A bit of special time Mummy & Daddy! :-). , This  situation is only temp. pending a 20m fence repair and a ‘bit’ of gardening..

IMPORTANT – due to on site OH&S issues:- We will still be closed for all public access up to and including Tue 4/4/17. HOWEVER we will be facilitating OFf SITE “pick ups and drops offs” ONLY, in our special purpose air conditioned & insured pet transport van, during our business hours.  Pick ups will occur prior to and during bus.hours, drop offs during and immediately after b/hrs.  

VERY IMPORTANT – Appointments need to be confirmed the day before. 24 hrs notice is needed as currently we have no phones or internet and need to drive off site once a day to check communications / messages.  Suggest you contact us by ringing our business number 07- 49461077. it will divert, so please leave a message by cob on any morning sessions, so we can ge back you by cob in any afternoon sessions to confirm pick up location for the next day.  

The pet transport will be COMPLIMENTARY until 2/4//17 (subject to further update) to 2 locations namely Centro CANNONVALE area or BP PROSERPINE area.  This service is for all pets who are currently in house guests and for those who have paid booking fees for check in dates up to and including Tue 4/4/17. 

Hope this helps! Drive

safe & take care.

Kind regards 

John & Linda Mulholland 

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