Update – Cyclone Debbie

Hello everyone. Apologies for the delay in getting this news blog posted. Been a tad preoccupied. Just a brief but very important update. ALL very important pets are well. I repeat they are doing very well. All the kids are snug & confident (it travels down the lead) and are verging on being oblivious to what’s happening. We are resting you know:-), how can I help you? – is a typical interaction.

The eye of the cyclone has recently passed over for a much needed change of wind direction 🙂 as we prepare for part 2 of this weather event. Look, while we have some trees and fencing down etc, kennel & cattery infrastructure appears to be doing its job as per cyclone rating. Currently we have no power, or phones. The office is also closed until further advice, which will be provided on this news blog. Sincerely, thank you for your patience & understanding. Kind regards John & Linda Mulholland

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