Useful weather links and potential rescheduling in ‘severe’ weather or similar circumstances

With wet season rain typically experienced this time of year, Whitsunday Pet Resort is not experiencing any site issues other than as expected.  * IF any site issues are experienced an appropriate, news blog will be posted.  Our ‘News’ blog is the ‘go to’ place for all important updates.  # Fb is not used. SEE bottom of page – if you need to RESCHEDULE.* All pets are safe. 

  • Please be reassured WPR is very experienced (also formally trained) in progressive calm management of such events and suggest you check facts from reliable sources as opposed to # occasionally unhelpful influence from social media hype. 

The following up to date links may be useful to you as you plan OR reschedule your travel in the area:
[Some additional links / contacts also provided]

The above link shows you flood camera views of:-

a) the state of the “Hamilton Plains” divergence in a Northerly direction at Proserpine, that takes you from the Bruce Highway to the start of Shute Harbour Road into Airlie Beach and in the opposite direction South to Proserpine

b) the state of “Crofton Creek” on the Gregory Cannon Valley Road by pass from Shute Harbour Road that ultimately leads to the Bruce Highway (North of Proserpine)

  • Some use the Crofton Creek bypass when Hamilton plains may be impassable. OR call BOM on 1300 659 219 for automated land weather / flood warnings

Qld Warnings Summary – FOR advice, warnings, summary & tracking maps AS THEY OCCUR. forecast/s AS THEY OCCUR that includes rainfall, temperature outlooks, etc & a severe weather link that refers to a Tropical Cyclone outlook.
7 day Forecasts by clickable map – Click on the map to display the 7-day summary forecast for the location, THEN click on top right hand corner of the 7 day summary forecast for a detailed forecast – forecasting ‘possible’ rainfall totals, wind velocity etc. km Bowen Radar Loop condition information – QLD Traffic – clickable map or locations search option ref. current conditions AND future travel that ALSO includes planned roadworks and special events – updated regularly.QLD TRAFFIC 13 19 40 phone service 24/7, automated service for initially reporting traffic, hazards, vehicle breakdowns.  Once you say NO to this option, you will then be able to obtain automated traffic & road condition info. on major Queensland Roads;if ringing locally it seems to give you local updates as well. Regional Council (WRC) – home page
WRC Disaster and Emergency – home page. See “Prevention” tab for ’emergency action guide’ and ‘disaster management plan’.
Ergon outages:Faults 132296Life threatening 000 or 131670 
SES: 132500 Coast Airport – Proserpine – arrivals & departures updates to mariners – Whitsunday Central Coast
REQUESTING RESCHEDULING OF AN APPOINTMENT IN SEVERE WEATHER or SIMILAR CIRCUMSTANCES e.g. a tropical cyclone warning is current. (by email only please):
1. Always plan for safe travel that you may need to reschedule.2. Rescheduling of appointments calmly occurs in business hours and is subject to session appointment availability. 

3. CovidSafe management applies. 

4. Cancellation or No Show or Postponement of arrival by a day or ? [As per T&C’s & booking Q&A previously acknowledged]. 

  • Our non-refundable booking fee (NRBF) of 10% that is also non transferable; is purposely set at this minimal amount AND is designed to reduce your liability; including liability to pay the balance of the full period booked; upon your cancellation; provided you notify us in writing (MUST) beforehand.  Forfeiture of the set NRBF amount, is also designed to cater for covid-19 related AND any other cancellation circumstances, regardless of reason.  If you don’t cancel in writing and instead delay / postpone arrival by a day or two, then you are still liable to pay for the original period booked, otherwise it’s a cancellation scenario and you would need to re-book.  May be cheaper to cancel?  If you have paid in full – we actually ask you not to – you are still entitled to a refund of the 90% balance paid, less an administration cost.  Our NRBF complies with Australian Consumer Law (ACL) guidelines.  Please refer to our T&C’s. 

5. Naturally you may need to reschedule your other travel plans in such circumstances.  

6. Your patience is essential & appreciated, as we calmly process requests & typically in chronological order – thank you. 

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