VERY IMPORTANT info for potential new booking inquiries

As a result of Cyclobe Debbie, clearly many people are in a situation where the security and welfare arrangements of your pet/s may have been compromised or failed, fences down, well intentioned visits not able to occur etc etc.  For those customers now wishing to use us, our kennel and cattery buildings are largely unscathed. We are taking new bookings from Sun 2/4/17 in an off site capacity only. Currently in house guests and confirmed bookings are already being catered for with an off site transport service. Please refer previous news blogs. 

We have internal exercise yards as standard and just recently have created some larger under cover exercise areas within our buildings. Additionally pets are receiving one in one on lead outdoor time on grass in a safe cleared location. They are loving that part! ALL OUR PETS WERE SECURE DURING CYCLONE DEBBIE :- All our pets are and were secure during the cyclone, in fact they were fantastic, lots of positive from us, and they responded. Addtitionally we had risk assessed each pet and among other measures implemented, had proactive veterinary measures in place for those 1 or 2 we were more focused on. Having said that, those 1 or 2 were fine! 

BOOKING INQUIRIES / COMMUNICATION ISSUES Note:- We currently have “communication issues” and need to go off site to access ALL messages / inquiries.  So we ask you to be patient as we endeavour to respond, as pets and a few other issues will very often assume priority. IMPORTANT : –  If you wish to make a booking inquiry, we ask you to do this via our ‘contact’ tab, accessed by clicking on the top right of our web page.   VERY IMPORTANT : – We ask you to complete ALL off the requested information for your booking inquiry.  If you are unable to complete all the information requested, we appreciate that, but you need to let us know in that INITIAL inquiry, when you can complete for eg the last 2 vaccination types incl. type and date given, ie that you are following it up.  THEN once we have all that information, we will only then continue to process your inquiry and naturally attempt to contact you. 

VACCINATION RECORDS MUST BE PRODUCED :- Just remember vaccination records will need to be produced.  If you are getting them emailed to us, please get the sender to email a carbon copy (cc) to you, so you know we ‘may’ have received it.  Regardless, we strongly reccomend you bring your originals with you just in case we did not receive the original email. 

Look we really appreciate your understanding & co-operation at this time and we hope the above assists you. We certainly empthasise with your current plight. Please drive extra safely. 

P.S. please refer to previous 2 news items to see how our interim off site trading is currently operating, including anticipated time frames. 

Kind regards

John & Linda Mulholland

Ph: 07-49461077 – this will get diverted

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