Whitsunday Pet Resort – customer access now available

Trust everyone is well and your recovery is moving forward in a positive manner. WPR has been trading with our complimentary off site pick ups and deliveries with great success for several days now. Throughout this time our VIP’s have been enjoying what amounts to a platinum type package experience.  We are now very happy to advise that customer access to WPR is now available during normal business hours

As Easter is almost upon us, we do ask that you “complete your booking inquiry in full” and via our website, so that we can promptly reply and commence the booking confirmation process.

Our phones and email have finally been restored. There is a considersble backlog to attend to. We thank you in anticipation of your patience and understanding, as we work through all emails and messages in the order that we received them.  

Looking forward to your next visit.

Kind regards

John & Linda Mulholland

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