Whitsunday Pet Resort is performing an internal review in June 2018

In this review we will be considering many things, including the addition of tiered progression doggy day care packages. Tiered of necessity, with the top package proposed, an OPEN package, that ultimately presumes some level of ‘off lead’ control. The dog who does not possess such control may qualify for a different style of package, appropriate to its needs and possibly, requiring greater supervision. Our business hours are not being formally considered as part of this review as any change ‘may’ trigger a review of base pricing structure, but will be spoken about. There are many myths abounding what constitutes great doggy day care and information ref. various models and versions of… But key considerations are a duty of care to address the psychological and physical welfare of participants. We are currently providing a very successful kennel based model doggy day care where dogs are rested in the heat of the day. Please refer to reviews and our testimonials on this website. Some southern establishments use muzzles in doggy day care. We never will, due to issues of hydration and a shoulder charge could still cause serious injury. That is duty of care personified. Just off the top of our head I can recall 6-7 dogs that have been in our facility in the last 7 days, who have experienced negative experiences elsewhere, both emotionally and physically. They have either recovered or are still slowly progressing. Another day care facility owner was allegedly asked the following by one of our customers Q. “With all those dogs running around here, do you have any dog fights?” A. “We don’t have many”. Another example, the short faced dog (Brachycephalic) i.e. the Pug, Cavalier, British bull dog etc. are susceptible to breathing difficulties & heat exhaustion, if they over exercise. Moving forward. FOOD. Additionally we provide our day care dogs Royal Canin ® or Advance ® (dry or wet) – tastes pretty good 🙂 This requires rest before and after a meal. At least 45′ + Risk if you don’t – gastric torsion, with some breeds more predisposed than others; always wondered how the visiting pet carers / sitter types, manage that one? OK, ALL in house dogs are fed as it suits our kennel management routine where all dogs intake and output is monitored. It also courses less angst. Angst among the pack, can be caused if some dogs are fed and some aren’t and for us, it also part of our management strategy to prepare the day care dog who suddenly becomes the overnight dog. BEST PRACTICE. We are well aware of minimum standard and best practice guidelines. Our off leash safety policy has been in place for all dogs since day 1. Not all dogs are permitted (either by us or their owners) to run off leash with other dogs and there are the typical mandatory considerations: – Desexed or not, Size, Young v Old (joint injury potential) Breed, Temperament, Disposition, Genetics, Medical history, Aggression history and so on …and of course the number of approved participants available for day care in the first place. A large boisterous lab will NEVER be run with a young timid kelpie pup whose joints are still developing and is still getting used to perhaps seeing another dog for the first time OR a rescue dog who was used as a lure, OR the old dog who is medicated against seizures. OPTIONS / SMALL POSITIVE STEPS. Dogs must have options, small positive steps is key, every experience must be positive positive. Ultimately everything is linked to our dog acceptance policy and our proposed tier off lead system of day care. We exceed those standards in terms of rest area, exercise areas for each dog before they even leave their rest area. We also exceed min. standards ref. staff dog supervision ratios. We have also been offering doggy day care since 2013; when Whitsunday Pet Resort was born. Socialisation is continuous at WPR. We are always matching & placing dogs beside each other in their accommodation as first stage introduction, observing body language and interaction. That’s best practice. This article is designed to give you some heads up insight. Remember puppy school and obedience training goes a long way to ensure you pet has a happy life, maximum enjoyment and can almost participate in everything. It is never too late, and they will love it. You have painted the picture, your VIP is the sum of its genetics, breeding and environmental influences; we just try and put a responsible frame around it. Another thing, photos. Many of our customers love the individual portraits and that’s what we ‘focus’ on. DOGGY DAY CARE BOOKINGS. Ok until our review is completed, then in the interim, we are happy to continue to provide kennel based doggy day care where opportunity to socialise is always occurring and is always present. So, please click on ‘contact’ on this web page OR ‘book now’ on our facebook page to commence your booking inquiry. THIS NEWS BLOG WILL BE THE FIRST PLACE ANY RELEVANT REVIEW UPDATES WILL OCCUR.

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