Why us

Where Very Important Pets STAY & PLAY ®

There are plenty of reasons to choose Whitsunday Pet Resort – one of the leading pet resorts in Australia!


Whitsunday Pet Resort’s benchmark of absolute excellence is driven and informed by the owners’ unadulterated love of animals, leading it to become one of the very best pet resorts Australia has to offer.


The happiness and comfort of our distinguished guests is of paramount importance and our pet resort is fully harmonised, meaning that no dog or cat will ever be placed close to any other that they might not get along with. Importantly, Whitsunday Pet Resort also prides itself in being a parasite free zone.


As one of the leading pet resorts in Australia, we’re going from strength to strength. We’re fully committed to the perpetual enhancement of our pet resort service, as evidenced by our newly completed exercise yard for dogs (early 2014) and ongoing renovations to our cattery.


We possess skills that were honed in a professional working dog environment. We are trained and experienced in animal husbandry, dog behavioural psychology, first aid and best kennel and cattery management practices. In order to truly understand your pet, we also utilise our skills in dog psychology and personality profiling to ensure that they enjoy the absolute maximum amount of fun during their Whitsunday holiday experience! We believe that we are one of the only pet resorts in Australia to possess such a strong skill set.


Whitsunday Pet Resort comes recommended by all local vets, which is testament to our professional ability and attention to detail. We aim to provide the very highest quality pet care with a personable, professional service. You can be supremely confident that your beloved pet is safe and happy on their home-from-home style holiday, from the moment you check them in to the moment you’re reunited.


We frequently review our pricing structure to ensure that we offer exceptional value and quality packages compared with other pet resorts in Australia.


Unlike other pet resorts in Australia, we do not charge extra for exercise yard time, cuddles or affection. It’s our privilege to see the delight on your pets’ faces!


As temporary stewards of your pets, our style is one of close monitoring and caring companionship that provides a genuine home away from home. Our guests all receive kind-hearted interaction in all phases of their stay; orientation, meals times and play, to name but a few. We do not rest until your pet is comfortable, happy and relaxed.


One of our favourite points of success is that, at night, whilst some other pet resorts in Australia may be struggling to hear themselves think, our resort is genuinely quiet with the fulfilment and contentment of our sleeping guests.


Additionally, while we don’t train your dog (although quite capable), we naturally provide an environment that emphasises the critical win-win experiences for pets that are still developing their social skill set. We have had countless success stories regarding building pet confidence and those experiences genuinely make our day one to remember.


All of our guests receive super-premium food Royal Canin ® (authorised reseller), which is also available for purchase in our showroom. We are just one of perhaps only three facilities North of Brisbane to offer such a high-class food package. Many pet resorts in Australia only offer standard kibble.


Collection and delivery is available by appointment with the service operating Monday to Friday. Our specially outfitted Hyundai iLoad van provides a secure environment with air conditioning to transport your pet in style! We can collect from and/or deliver to homes, veterinary surgeries, marinas, coastal sites or airports.


With selected packages, dogs can enjoy a relaxing grooming sessions, Hydrobaths, additional care, treats and one-on-one time; including complimentary pick-up and delivery. Cats can look forward to a stress-free dry wash and groom, various treats and five star options.


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